New Music from Cher Lloyd: 'Grow Up' ft. Busta Rhymes

Anticipation for the debut album of self-titled “Pop Princess” is building up

Cher Lloyd is out to make a name for herself as a “Pop Princess” and she's not willing to take any prisoners. The former X Factor contestant has just released a new track from her highly anticipated debut album.

“Grow Up” is a collaboration with US rapper Busta Rhymes and will be included on Cher's first music album, “Sticks + Stones,” which will be out in stores starting November 7.

If one were to describe “Grow Up” to someone else who still hadn't heard it but who was familiar with Cher's previous two releases, one could probably say it was halfway between “Swagger Jagger” and “With UR Love.”

Not only does it showcases the full range of Cher's unmistakable voice (which here bears some resemblance to early Lily Allen), but it also proves that she can spit lyrics almost as rapidly as Busta.

As if that wasn't enough to make it worth at least one listen, it also comes with a very catchy beat.

In other words, it's a club hit for certain. Check it out.

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