‘New Moon’ Full Movie Available – Online Scam

Security experts warn “Twilight” fans

Now that the “Harry Potter” franchise is slowly drawing to an end, “Twilight” is edging as the biggest teen franchise of the years to come, with a fanbase already as large as it is dedicated and loyal. It is precisely on this that the latest online scam relies, promising as it does the possibility of seeing the full “New Moon” movie, security experts cited by WebUser say.

Also as part of this scam, fans may also be deceived with the promise of finding out more details about the alleged romance between leading stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, who play Edward and Bella in the films. However, the latest is a series of videos that has popped up on YouTube, which actually includes text messages that have links allowing fans to see a full version of “New Moon,” the second installment in the franchise that will be released in theaters this November.

As promising as that may sound, fans are to be warned: they will not see the film if they click the links. “Videos appearing on YouTube under headings such as ‘New Moon full movie’ contain text encouraging you to go to certain sites to see the forthcoming film New Moon, the second in the Twilight series. [...] The scams have links to notorious adware provider Zango, which officially shut down in April this year, though its software lives on. If you follow the links mentioned, you’ll be asked to install Zango software in order to see the movie. However, you’ll never actually get to see New Moon – once you’ve installed Zango, you’ll be directed to a site containing nothing but dead links, said Boyd [of FaceTime Security].” WebUser writes.

Those fans who truly feel they can’t wait for the film to drop in theaters in a little over two months might as well try to find consolation in the fact that a first cut for it is already done and has been screened. According to director Chris’ brother, Paul Weitz, the first “draft” of the film looks positively awesome and fans should trust his words, because he has seen it in the privacy of his home – Chris showed it to him to get a first feel of how the public would react upon release, as we also informed you a while back.

“He showed me an early cut. And I thought it was awesome. Why was it awesome? Well, I just really enjoyed it. I enjoyed the first movie too. [Chris’ ‘New Moon’ movie] was really just an interesting story.” Paul Weitz was telling the media at the time. Perhaps the new, extended trailer that will premiere at MTV’s Video Music Awards on September 13 will offer more insight into what precisely makes “New Moon” so awesome that Paul wouldn’t even say.

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