New Mid-Tower Case Launched by Japanese Company

Acubic D80 is the latest ATX-compatible enclosure from Abee

The Acubic series is a fairly old line in Abee's product collection, but not old enough to warrant a death, drawn-out or otherwise. That means it can still receive new members.

The latest such member is called Acubic D80 and has a solid steel construction which, though rather heavy (8 kilos / 17.63 pounds), easily copes with vibrations and reduces noise. Most of the exterior is made of steel panels of 0.8 mm or 1 mm thickness.

That said, the chassis has all the standard assets (several expansion slots, a PSU locations, etc.), but also some unusual things.

HDDs and SSDs, for instance, get to sit in one of two drive cages. One of them stacks the drives on top of the other, while the other places them next to each other.

Five 3.5-inch units can be had at any one time, but one slot can be converted into two 2.5-inch bays.

The Abee Acubic D80 case measures 204 x 426 x 415 mm (8.03 x 16.77 x 16.33 inches). It sells for 20,980 JPY (US $256 / 197-256 Euro) in white or black.


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