New Mid-Tower Case Launched by Fractal Design, Arc Midi R2

This goes to show that high-performance PCs don't need to be large and bulky

Since micro-ATX motherboards are sufficient for computers with processing and graphics capabilities high enough to easily handle any game, Fractal Design figured it would be a good idea to launch a small case for compact but mighty PCs.

The newest result of its R&D efforts is called Arc Midi R2 and is designed with high airflow in mind, although it can contain water cooling systems just as easily.

Three high-performance Silent Series R2 fans are pre-installed, for maximum ventilation without much noise.

Even so, the inside of the chassis is spacious enough to house two hard disk drive cages, one for 5 drives and one for three.

Both cages can be rotated and removed, depending on airflow needs and how long the video card is (some don't fit unless the smaller cage on the lower side is taken out).

We mentioned water cooling and, indeed, Arc Midi R2 can hold thick radiators in the front and at the top.

That said, there is some extra room behind the motherboard tray, where two 2.5-inch storage drives can be placed.

It is a good spot for solid-state drives (SSDs) to be hidden from view. Hybrid storage configurations, where the SSD holds the OS and frequently used files, will make certain that the system runs quickly and efficiently.

Other features include ample cable routing space, removable fan filters (easy washing and dust maintenance), CPU cooler size limit of up to 170mm, a black paint job (both outside and inside) and a top I/O panel with two USB 3.0 ports, audio in/out, power button, HDD activity led, reset button and fan controller.

Finally, two 5.25-inch drive bays are available, for optical disk drives (DVDs, Blu-ray, etc.).

Shipments of the Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 should begin soon, if they haven't already, for $109.95 / €89,95 Euro / £74,95.


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