New Microsoft Smartwatch Details Leak, Could Be Really Affordable

The software giant is reportedly preparing to debut its own smartwatch very soon

It's not a secret anymore that Microsoft is working on its very own smartwatch designed to compete against similar devices coming from Samsung and Apple, but according to new details that reached the web today, Redmond's very own project might be a little different from what what you would expect.

Microsoft watcher Paul Thurrott reveals that the upcoming smartwatch coming out of Redmond isn't actually a smartwatch per se, but more of a fitness wristband sporting several sensors supposed to help you monitor exercises and keep an eye on burned calories and heart rate.

At the same time, the new device could bundle options to monitor heart rate continuously during the day and night, which would really come in handy to those who are trying to diagnose specific heart problems.

Information that reached the web in the past few months revealed that the device might indeed come in the form of a fitness wristband, but the watch could actually be detachable to be recharged with the help of a dock.

What's more, people close to the matter said that the watch might not come with a classic design, but with a display that's placed inside the wrist, with Microsoft reportedly believing that checking out the time with such a layout would actually be easier thanks to a more natural move.

Patents that leaked online a couple of months ago and which you can see in the photo above the article also confirm the wristband design, with displayed icons indeed pointing to features to monitor running, heart beats and burned calories. At the same time, the device could also act as a pedometer and monitor the distance you cover when running.

Another important feature of the smartwatch could be cross-platform support, which basically means that it would be compatible not only with Windows devices, but also with iOS and Android. Microsoft hopes that such a feature would actually help it appeal to a wider consumer segment, especially because both Android and iOS are already the leading choices in the mobile industry.

As far as pricing is concerned, the aforementioned report indicates that Microsoft could sell the smartwatch at about the same price as the Samsung Gear Fit, which is currently available for only $199 (€150).

Launch is expected to take place later this year, with some people close to the matter indicating that October is very likely to be the month witnessing the introduction of the new device.

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