New Microsoft CEO, Bill Gates to Try to Fix Windows

Report claims that the duo will focus on addressing product issues

Satya Nadella is the likeliest candidate for the CEO position at Microsoft, with sources close to the matter revealing that Redmond is expected to make a public announcement sometime next week.

An interesting bit that emerged this morning concerns one of the many goals of the new CEO. According to Recode, Satya Nadella, who has been one of the Bill Gates’ favorite candidates, is planning to work close with Microsoft’s co-founder to address “technology and product problems.”

Does this mean that the two will try to fix Windows? Most likely, but it turns out that both Bill Gates and Satya Nadella have prepared a much more elaborated plan to ensure long-term profitability for the software empire.

The source reveals that Gates, who is likely to step down from the chairman position, will leave most of his responsibilities to John Thompson, the former CEO of Symantec, who’s now in charge of the board committee searching for a new Microsoft CEO.

While Thompson has denied that he could replace Bill Gates, this actually seems to be the case, as the co-founder would try to focus, together with Satya Nadella, on some other internal issues.

Bill Gates has also expressed his intention to collaborate with the new Microsoft CEO on a number of projects, probably knowing that Satya Nadella would be the one to replace Steve Ballmer, who by the way will remain with the company, at the helm of his empire.

While he’ll continue his philanthropic work across the world, as part of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the world’s second richest man is also willing to get involved more at Microsoft, in an effort supposed to fix some of the products that lost ground lately.

Unsurprisingly, nobody at Microsoft is willing to comment on this, but everything is slowly making sense, so expect more clarification to be provided in the coming weeks.

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