New Mice and Mousepads Released by Zalman

There are three of the former and one of the latter, all set for next month

Next month is just one day away, which means that, while Zalman could wait and only start selling its new products weeks from now, it might do it as early as tomorrow.

Either way, its three new mice and one mousepad will start selling in February 2013.

A fairly basic mouse is the ZM-M400 and is for right-handed people. It has a light 1,600 DPI sensor and no fancy stuff beyond the shape.

The ZM-M250 has a glossy ambidextrous shape and, if anything, is even more basic than the other one, insofar as gaming mice can be considered such. It is smaller and lighter but has the same 1,600 DPI sensor.

Finally, the so-called flagship ZM-GM1 is right-oriented but looks like it could be used in the left as well. An Avago 9500 optical sensor with 6,000 dpi resolution and 12,000 FPS report rate is its main asset, though the silver+black body with steel highlights and five buttons are hard to ignore as well.

According to Hermitage Akihabara, the still un-priced items will sell along with the pair of mousepads in the photo below.


Zalman gaming mice and mousepads (4 Images)

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