New Metal Gear Rising Trailer Shows Action Packed Sequence, Bayonetta Influence

Raiden has a focus on quick movement and violent attacks

The trailer that publisher Konami delivered for Metal Gear: Rising at the VGA ceremony will probably make a lot of fans cringe and reveals that the developers of Bayonetta, Platinum Games, are now fully in charge of developing the title.

The production duties for the new Metal Gear game are still handled by the team led by Hideo Kojima, the original developer of the series, but it’s not clear how much they will be involved with the game, other than making sure that its respects cannon when it comes to characters and to story bits.

The trailer is filled with action, some of which seems to be taken from the game engine, and shows a new battle system, filled with cutting and high speed action, and some pretty ludicrous robot sword play involving enormous size differences.

Raiden seems to be quicker than he ever was in the series and he delivers much quicker sword slashes than Kojima Productions has previously shown.

It’s also interesting to note that the trailer uses the Metal Gear: Rising name all the time, with the subtitle Reveangeance, suggesting that both the developers and the producers of the game are interested in making sure that they do not apply the expectations linked to the Solid game for the new product.

As recently as summer of this year the team at Platinum Games responded to rumors that they were involved with Rising by saying that they had no interest in the series and in bringing over some of the mechanics seen in their unlikely hit Bayonetta.

Initially the story of the new Metal Gear titles was set to be taking place between Sons of Liberty and Guns of the Patriots, chronicling how the many character goes through his transformation into a cyborg, but the narrative now seems set after MGS 4.

Here is the full trailer for Metal Gear Solid: Rising:

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