New MeeGo UI Screenshots Emerge

MeeGo, the operating system that resulted from the union between Nokia's Maemo platform and Intel's Moblin operating system, is shaping up as a pretty nice solution, at least in the smartphone area.

While MeeGo 1.1 for handsets is expected to be released sometime in October, a series of screenshots with the operating system's user interface have just emerged into the wild, offering us a glimpse at what future Nokia devices might run under.

The shots present to us the stock version of MeeGo, but things are looking quite impressive even so.

According to a recent post on My Nokia Blog (via Engadget), the shots came from the official user interface guidelines for the mobile operating system.

While the stock version of the platform looks as one can see in the shots attached to this article, various customizations might be included in the final flavors landing on the market, depending on the handset's manufacturer, it seems.

The idle lock screen would offer to users various pieces of relevant information, including missed calls, text messages, email messages and IM, along with a clock and the date.

According to the said blog post, one should be able to unlock the handset in two ways, including the dropping of the lock button into the square space underneath the clock.

There should be two views for multitasking in MeeGo, one of which is similar with the view showing live applications on the Nokia N8, but which sports a background similar with the one on Maemo.

Moreover, it seems that the Maemo 5 style grid view of live applications is also present on the new platform, in case one would prefer this view.

The standard App Launcher view has a 3×4 grid and “the persistent launcher bar,” while offering a wide range of customizations options, it seems.

But this is not all. A wide range of other shots are available over at the the MeeGo Blog, offering a better view on what the new OS should include.


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