New Marketing Executives Being Recruited by Acer

A new chief marketing officer and a member of the marketing team have been chosen

Acer continues to drag itself forward after failing to rebound following the utterly spectacular collapse of the netbook market.

2012 has been a bit more forgiving than 2011 though. Nevertheless, the company needs new blood and new ideas.

Knowing this, the board of directors has chosen to bring outsiders into its marketing team.

Michael Birkin, chairman of marketing service company Red Peak, will become its new chief marketing officer (CMO), according to Digitimes.

In a similar fashion, Dell Taiwan's ex-director of R&D, Josephine Tan, will be joining Acer's marketing team in short order.

Acer is changing its focus from shipment volume to R&D and marketing. Even so, however, its notebook shipments are expected to rise by 7% next year (2013). That would mean 28 million units, give or take a few thousands.

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