New “Man of Steel” Trailer Puts the Man Back in Superman

Zack Snyder’s new film shows lots of promise, even more personal drama

Director Zack Snyder promised that his own take on Superman, the upcoming “Man of Steel,” was a more “serious” film than previous takes on the superhero. Judging by the brand new trailer, he certainly wasn’t joking or exaggerating.

Check it out above in full.

Unlike the two teasers released some time ago, this preview includes footage of all major characters (including the villain Zod), but also hints at the backstory, which will definitely put the Man back in Superman.

We see a Superman struggling with his super-powers and eventually talked into denying they exist, rising up to the occasion in one bold attempt to save Earth, the planet he’s come to call home.

We also see plenty of awesome VFX, potentially dramatic moments, lots of action and solid acting. We see the promise of an excellent film – Zack Snyder, please don’t disappoint.

“Man of Steel” is scheduled for theatrical release in June 2013.

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