New Line of External HDD Cases Launched by Logitec

That's Logitec the Japanese product maker, not Logitech the Swiss peripheral company

Some people might not think much of hard disk drive cases, but it doesn't hurt to have one or two on hand for when a hard drive ends up gathering dust despite being in perfect working condition.

Logitec has just released a new series of such drive enclosures, all of them featuring USB 3.0, eSATA and SATA 6.0 Gbps interfaces.

The USB 3.0 connection makes the link between the enclosure and the PC, unless the eSATA link is used instead.

The SATA 6.0 Gbps interface (SATA III) is the internal setup. It makes the case compatible with most every type of 3.5-inch hard disk drive unit.

Basically, Logitec knows that people often end up buying a new hard drive without the one they already have becoming defective.

Higher capacity, better performance, the reason doesn't really matter. What matters is that the leftover HDDs can still serve their owners, in a manner similar to flash drives and external/portable SSDs/HDDs.

The drive enclosures, like Logitec's LHR-DS05EU3, as the new case is called, just makes the transformation possible.

For those who want more information, the Logitec product measures 50 x 195 x 134 mm / 1.96 x 7.67 x 5.27 inches and weighs 340 grams / 0.74 pounds.

The size accounts for the existence of a 40 mm fan (temperature-controlled) and the body is made by steel and ABS plastic.

Logitec offers four color options (black, purple, silver and red), as well as cases with hard drives already installed inside them.

For the empty models, the price is of 4,280 Yen ($50 / 37.85 Euro). A 3 TB Western Digital Green HDD takes the sum to 19,980 Yen ($237 / 179.25 Euro), while a Logitec case with a 2 TB WD Green unit ships for 13,980 Yen ($166 / 125.65 Euro).

The remaining options are a 3TB WD Red HDD ($273 / 206.65 Euro) and a 2 TB WD Red at 15,980 Yen (143.82 Euro).


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