New Lenovo Workstation, ThinkStation E32, Released

The new system relies on an Intel Xeon CPU and the Windows 8 Pro OS

Lenovo is the biggest cheese on the personal computer market now, though it might have trouble holding that post with HP on its case. Still, it's in a high spot, so, naturally, Lenovo wants to gain importance on the business front too.

Case in point, the company has released the ThinkStation E3, with an Intel Xeon E3 1200 CPU, NVIDIA Quadro K4000 graphics, “specialized modeling” for the core specs (for entry-level pricing) and up to 32 GB of RAM.

Both tower and SFF cases can be chosen, although the smaller option will limit the graphics to Quadro K600, since the K4000 is too large.

For storage, there should be several single- and multi-drive options, and the six USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports will let external drives be used too, and peripherals of all sorts.

As for software, Windows 8 Pro is joined by design programs like Adobe software, PTC, Siemens PLM and SolidWorks. Error Correcting Code ECC memory prevents data loss most of the time.

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