New Green DDR4 and SSDs Revealed by Samsung

Next-generation data centers need to be both powerful and efficient

Since energy efficiency is as important as performance these days, makers of semiconductors have special product lines for low-power applications. Samsung has just released one such line.

Which is to say, Samsung has formally launched a new generation of high-end Green Memory, at the Memory Solutions Forum 2013 at the Shilla hotel in Seoul.

Samsung is following a new theme apparently, the "New Memory Paradigm" motto.

This is the fifth generation of green memory and consists of three products, not all of them of the DRAM variety.

Since NAND Flash is also considered memory (storage is, after all, memory of a longer-lasting sort), the new SSD from the company is part of the new product line too.

Anyway, first off, we have the Green DDR4. That's right, DDR4 not DDR3. Not only will it outshine DDR3 frequency by a mile (2133 MHz vs. DDR3 normal limit of 1866 MHz), but it also comes with high reliability and low energy requirements. Volume production should have begun in late August.

The Green PCI Express SSD (solid-state drive) should be six times better than a 600 MB/s SATA SSD, but with even greater efficiency.

That leaves a high-end green memory solution that combines Green DDR4 with Green PCI Express SSD. Servers that use these will become 1.6 times more efficient and will gain the 67 percent data transfer advantage of the Green SSD too.

"With the introduction of these innovative memory solutions that maximize IT investment efficiency, we have set the stage for sharply strengthening the value of advanced memory," said Young-Hyun Jun, executive vice president of memory sales and marketing, Samsung Electronics.

"We will continue to benefit society with the introduction of green IT technology in cooperation with our global partners to lead the global IT industry in creating greater shared value for customers."

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