New Google Phone Pictures

From an online survey

Here it goes again. As in the case of the iPhone some while ago, now Google phone rumors keep spreading. Taking into account the large number of such rumors (even though the information they provide is not the same), chances are that we'll get to see a Google phone after all. Also, a user from the Mobile Burn forums has posted a screenshot here that is said to have been taken while completing a survey online.

This is what the user said : "I'm signed up to a paid-survey website and well i received this the other day as part of the survey that i was participating in basically it was a survey about a google phone, which was designed by samsung, but running what seemed to be a google interface, i totally forgot to take a screen shot of the specs but they seemed decent, not mind blowing had the usual in par of 3g/wifi etc, had a camera 2megapixal from what i recall, feel really stupid for now taking a screenshot of the specs not lol".

As for the screenshot the user did take, it also reveals some pretty useful information. "The Google Phone brings the power of the internet in your pocket, in a simple and intuitive device. It combines the traditional voice and SMS capabilities of phones with all the exciting Google services from the PC such as Search, Gmail, Maps, BloggerÂ… The Google Phone, designed by Samsung, is a very thin and stylish handset with a large screen and a QWERTY keypad so that it provides a real internet experience. All these internet services will be available under a simple Internet monthly flat fee, comparable to PC Broadband products, giving you transparency and control over your mobile bill. Thanks to simple relevant advertising, Google will even give you a 3 month discount on your mobile Internet monthly flat fee."

However, for some reason, all this seems fake, including how the device looks as well as what's stated in the so called survey. There is of course no proof to it being fake or real, since that's what rumors are all about. Judging strictly from the details provided, the Google phone rumored here is not going to be an outstanding device.

But as we've all learned from Apple, if it's to come with an interesting UI, 3G, camera and other features, it might just become a hit before Google even gets to announce its name. So take this into account without taking it too seriously, and expect other rumors to surface in the future.

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