New Google Chrome 35 Lands with Small Fixes for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X

All the Google Chrome branches can be downloaded from Softpedia

The Google Chrome 35 development branch, a browser built on the Blink layout engine that aims to be minimalistic and versatile at the same time, has been upgraded yet again, but this time it's only a very small update.

A new version in the Development branch of Google Chrome is now out but, unlike previous releases, this is just a very small update. Developers sometimes find small problems with an application right after a new version is made available, so they're forced to release a new one.

Now, you need to keep in mind that this is the experimental version of Google Chrome, which means that most of the features will eventually arrive in the Beta and then in the Stable branch. It's also very likely that some feature that has been introduced in the development branch of Google Chrome might never make it downstream to the other channels.

According to the developers, the synced notification app info has been disabled, Finch experiment selection data is now being sent to ad-services@google so QUIC performance can be evaluated, and the touch point scroll state has been updated (developers say that this avoids scroll events with incorrect large deltas due to touchmove absorption).

Also, the server-backed state key generation has been updated, screen_info in popup no longer opens from the emulated view, the draggable regions have been fixed for the frame:none app windows, and a few others.

Users can't run two different versions of Google Chrome in parallel, even if they are from different branches. When you install one, you will delete whatever you have in place. This is especially important if you decide to test a development version that is prone to bugs and crashes.

If you are using this branch as your day to day browser, you might want to think about changing it to Beta. A promotion of the Google Chrome 35 dev version to Beta is likely to happen very soon.

The Google Chrome developers only provide two kinds of binary files, deb and rpm, and no source. If you are not using a Linux distribution capable of reading this type of files, you will have to wait until it hits your repositories.

Usually, a complete list of changes can be found on the official website. Remember that this is a development version and it should NOT be installed on production machines. It is intended for testing purposes only.

Download Google Chrome 35.0.1916.17 Beta for Linux

Download Google Chrome 35.0.1916.17 Beta for Windows

Download Google Chrome 35.0.1916.17 Beta for Mac OS X

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