New Google Analytics to Finally Get Scheduled Emails and PDF Exports

The old Analytics has only three more months to live

Google has announced that it's bringing back two of the most requested features, missing from the new Analytics interface, email scheduling and PDF export. These were the two biggest things from the old Analytics that people wanted to have in the updated version.

It took a while, but Google is doing it, although it is still waiting for feedback to apply some final tweaks, before releasing the features.

However, Google has also announced that the old interface will be removed in three months' time, along with the current email scheduling system.

"Two of the most requested features from the old version of Google Analytics that have been absent in the new interface are report email scheduling and PDF export," Phil Mui, from the Google Analytics team, wrote.

"We are happy to announce that both email scheduling and PDF export functionality will be in the new interface in a few weeks," he announced.

However, Google says that, because of the big differences in the reports of the new interface, it needs to hear from users what reports they want included in scheduled emails.

Only after it has a good idea of what people need, Google will release the new feature, although the old version will still be available at the time. When the new feature will become available, every report will have the option to attach an scheduled email to it.

"With the upcoming release of both the new emailer & PDF download, we want to give you three months notice (as of today) that the old Google Analytics interface as well as all existing scheduled emails will be sunset starting in January 2012," Google announced.

The new Analytics dashboard was introduced earlier this year, after being quite a while in testing. Google has been tweaking and improving it ever since and it's definitely confident enough in it to drop the older version altogether.

UPDATE: The two features have finally been made available, in beta.

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