New German Island Appears, Takes People Quite by Surprise

The island is the size of 25 football pitches, plants and birds already made it their home

Over the past few years, sandbanks have been creeping out of the North Sea near Germany's coast, and it now seems that this country can take pride in its being the “owner” of a newly formed island.

Information made available to the public thus far says that the island is located roughly 15 miles off the coast of Schleswig-Holstein, the northernmost of the sixteen states of Germany.

Given the fact that the area in which this island has emerged is part and parcel of a marine national park, conservationists could not help but express their amazement.

“This is for us conservationists anything but ordinary,” stated Detlef Hansen, the head of this national park.

Up until now, only a few dozen plants and some bird species saw fit to inhabit this newly formed patch of land, which is why German people agreed that it would be best to refer to it as “Bird Island.”

Biologists explain that, after having a closer look at this newly formed island, they have found that its vegetation is made up of 49 species of plants, and that its wildlife comprises gulls, eider ducks, grey geese and some peregrine falcons, Daily Mail reports.

About a week ago, tourists were allowed to explore the island, yet conservationists always kept a close eye on them to make sure that they did not disturb local wildlife.

For the time being, the only bad news is that this sandbank island might disappear ever quicker than it has emerged, simply because it lacks the stability it would need in order to hold its ground when faced with extreme weather manifestations.

As Martin Stock, a biologists working with German's National Park Management pointed out, “A strong storm flood could wipe the island out overnight.”

“The plants do not have the roots necessary yet to bind the dunes together,” this specialist went on to add.

Measurements carried out thus far indicate that the island is approximately the size of 25 football pitches.

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