New GNOME Control Center Unstable Release Brings Dozens of Features

GNOME Control Center 3.9.2 and have been officially released

The GNOME Project announced a few days ago the immediate availability for download and testing of a new development release for the upcoming GNOME Control Center 3.10 application, which will be part of the GNOME 3.10 desktop environment.

A few days after the release of GNOME Control Center 3.9.2, the development team unleashed version, which fixes a compilation failure due to missing files in the source archive and updates translations.

However, version 3.9.2 of the GNOME Control Center app brings many improvements and features, so it's safe to say that this is a major overhaul for the application:


• Sort completion items;

• Added support for additional arguments;

• Removed the;

• Added a GNOME-shell search-provider for the settings panel;

• The panel title has been put in the shell's header;

• Updated the panel comments;

• Added navigation support via the back button;

• Icons are no longer prelight in the icon view;

• The panel launching can be exposed with D-Bus activation;

• Removed unneeded libnotify dependency;


• Labels are no longer used for the enabled switch;

• Fixed sorting and ordering of applications;


• The label is no longer displayed next to the power switch;


• Added the ability to input Modifier+space of Hangul shortcuts;


• The cache and Pictures directories are now monitored for new files;

• Fixed crashes that occurred when exiting the panel;


• Fixed various alignment issues;

• Improved accessibility;

• Shared connection are no longer ignored so easily;

• Added support for the ModemManager 1.x API;

• Disabled the Hotspot button for devices that doesn't support it;

• Added firewall zone support for Wired, Wi-Fi and VPN connections;

• Added an icon for WWAN;

• Fixed display of some characters in Wi-Fi AP names;

• Fixed a crash in connection editor;

• The VPN switch is now updated when enabled from shell;

Date and Time:

• Added support for new timedated CanNTP property;

Online Accounts:

• goa_warning has been replaced with g_warning;

• Added the ability to scroll the tree view when displaying an account;

• Account creation requests can now be accepted on DBus/cmdline;


• Updated colord dependency;

• Improved accessibility;

• Added translatable strings for newer display types;


• Improved accessibility;

• Changed the range of idle time and suspend idle time;

• Simplified the "Mark As Inactive After" string;

• Clarified the "Lock Screen After" string;

• Expanded the "Automatic suspend" dialogue's layout;

User Accounts:

• Added accessible labels in the history dialog;

• pwquality accepted passwords are no longer rejected;

• Better handling of pre-loaded users;

• Removed the 'password hints' feature from the user interface;

• Changing the password no longer crashes the app;

• Fingerprint dialog no longer cause a crash;

• Long user names are now ellipsized in the password dialog;

• Whitespace-only names are now disallowed;


• Removed a redundant option from the recent files combobox;


• Rygel is now automatically started or stop when Media Sharing is enabled or disabled;

• Added master switch;


• Enabled horizontal scrolling when changing the scroll method;

• Fixed incorrect initial values;


• Added visual improvements to the driver selection dialog;

• Added authentication dialog for Samba printers;

• The new printer dialog allows users to search for Samba printers;

• Only the printer name is now displayed in the title of options dialog;


• Different icons are now displayed for different input/output ports;

• Fixed a potential memory corruption;

Region and Language:

• Updated the user interface;

• Fixed a crash that occurred when changing the language;

• The iBus engine widgets are now added regardless of the locale information;

• The window no longer gets too tall when there are too many input sources;

• Improved the explanation when there are no input sources;

• The current locale country is now displayed automatically in formats, if the setting is empty;

• The restart notification is now displayed only if it is strictly needed;

• User settings are now applied system-wide on single account systems;

• The input switching is now handled through GNOME-shell and Mutter;


• Fixed the display of graphic driver's name;


• Added basic OLED handling for Intuos4;

• Added animations to the calibration window.

Download GNOME Control Center right now from Softpedia. Remember that this is a development version and it should NOT be installed on production machines. It is intended for testing purposes only.

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