New Fuel Calculator Lets You Know How Much Your Trip Will Cost

This innovative tool stands to also help with environmental protection

It may be true that there are some people out there for whom environmental protection needs stand at the core of all discussions concerning fuel efficiency, yet the fact remains that most drivers are first and foremost preoccupied about fuel-related costs and about making sure they keep traveling expenses down to a minimum.

Working on this assumption, the US Environmental Protection Agency decided to provide American drivers with an online tool designed to help them plan their upcoming driving experience in such ways that both its ecological impact and fuel consumption are kept within reasonable limits.

Green Car Reports informs us that this innovative software, known as My Trip Calculator, allows drivers to input two locations, and then see exactly how much money it would cost them to travel between them depending on the car they would be driving.

Apparently, this is because the US Environmental Protection Agency agreed to allow this software to access its database concerning the official gas mileage of all cars marketed in the US throughout the past 28 years.

Moreover, one can use this fuel calculator to compare the fuel efficiency of up to three different cars, so one can make an informed decision whenever wishing to rent a vehicle of choose amongst the ones parked in their driveway.

In spite of the fact that this online fuel calculator (which you can access here) is first and foremost intended to help cut down on fuel consumption costs, it is our opinion that it can also yield significant benefits from an environmental standpoint.

Truth be told, one cannot save money without burning less fuel, and burning less fuels more often than not translates into less harmful emissions being released into the atmosphere.

Just for the record, variables such as road conditions and elevations are not taken into consideration by this software.

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