New Florida Sinkhole Opens Up in Seffner – Photo

A man was buried after a hole emerged under his home in the same town, a few weeks ago

Residents of the town of Seffner in Florida have come across another sinkhole, after a man was killed by one just last month.

Jeff Bush was sleeping when the cavity opened up underneath his bedroom and he was instantly swallowed up. After an extensive search for his remains in the 20-feet (6-m) wide and 20-feet (6-m) deep hole, authorities decided to tear down the building.

This time, the Hillsborough Fire Rescue service have been called in to a Lake Shore Ranch Drive address, where one depression has emerged between two homes.

According to NBC Miami, residents noticed it at around 7:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 24. 8-feet (2.43-m) wide and 10-feet (3-m) deep, the sinkhole has prompted officials to evacuate the two neighboring houses.

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