New Enermax Acrylux Wireless Keyboard Debuts in Europe

The Acrylux uses "scissors" technology for better comfort and higher responsiveness

So far, to catch holiday revenue increases, most players on the IT market are struggling to release whatever new major products they have, possibly reducing production efforts for some of their other, less representative components. Enermax may have done something similar in releasing its two new, stylish keyboards, which is really the same product in two different color themes. The new release from Enermax is the Acrylux keyboard, a product that will soon reach European stores.

The Acrylux keyboard continues Enermax's long history of releasing peripherals both feature-rich and stylish. Although not exactly paying any heed to the green computing trend that has had quite a say in the latest hardware releases, the keyboard is, nevertheless, attractive. It is completely made, except for the circuitry of course, of acryl and plastic and measures 460 (L) x 160 (W) x 9.2 (H). The keyboard is slim, likely designed for it to easily be placed and aesthetically fit into any home or office environment.

The Acrylux keyboard is designed with flat key caps in order to allow for an increased typing speed and, also to that end, they are placed at a zero-degree angle. The peripheral also makes use of the 'scissors' technology, which allows for an increased comfort and usage while typing. By putting together this design with its small weight, namely 817 grams, and the lack of multimedia keys, one could draw the conclusion that the Acrylux will best serve office workers and writers.

As an extra feature, the Enermax Acrylux keyboard is equipped with the wireless connectivity capable of running at 2.4GHz. The device runs on two AAA batteries and, for those who are not interested in wireless setups, it also has two USB 2.0 connectors, one on each side.

Set to become available soon, Enermax's new wireless keyboard has an estimated price tag of 66.90 Euro. The product comes in black and white and features red or blue backlights for clear and easy typing even in low lighting conditions.


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