New Dual-GPU EVGA Graphics Card to Be Launched on Halloween

Said to combine a G92 GPU with a GT200 GPU, for enhanced PhysX

EVGA and NVIDIA, two of the world's biggest names in the graphics card industry, have jointly announced that they will host a Halloween party where they will make public the launch of a new graphics card. Unfortunately, the specific technical details of the new product haven't yet been announced, but there already are speculations that it will be featured with a dual-GPU configuration, unlike any other card that has been previously launched on the market.


EVGA and NVIDIA would like to invite you to a new graphics card launch at the NVIDIA campus in Santa Clara, CA. No it’s not based on the new Fermi architecture… we are still finalizing those details, so stay tuned. It’s a rocking new graphics card designed by NVIDIA and EVGA to take PhysX to the next level,” reads a post on a dedicated announcement page on EVGA's website.


The fellows over at the Bright Side of News were quick to pick up on the story and have resorted to their sources to get more on it. According to them, the engineering team at EVGA has partnered with the Santa Clara, California-based chip maker to create a card that will combine a GeForce GTS 250 GPU with a GeForce GTX 275 graphics processing unit, both of which will be available on the same PCB. Basically, according to them, the new EVGA card will combine a new GT206/GT200b GPU with an older G92 GPU.


The combination is expected to provide consumers with a choice for a high-end graphics card that comes with a built-in, dedicated PhysX processing unit. The GT200 GPU will handle the graphics, while the slower G92 unit will have to deliver the PhysX support. Apparently, the G92 GPU won't be able to display images at all, but process the PhysX part of a gaming application.


Other specifications of said card include 896MB of memory for the graphics processing unit, and 512MB of memory for the G92, dedicated PhysX unit, for a total of 1408MB of GDDR3 memory, another first in the graphics industry. There's still more to be found out about the new card, but all should be revealed in the next couple of days.

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