New Discovery Show “My Mom Is Obsessed” Tackles Plastic Surgery

Alanise tells The Today Show her mom's obsession tarnished her self-image

Discovery Fit & Health has a new reality series. Called “My Mom Is Obsessed,” it features daughters and mothers tackling the latter's strange addictions in front of the camera.

Also featured on the first episode are Susan and Analise, both of whom also made an appearance on The Today Show just hours ago to talk about how the experience has helped them work through their problems.

Video of The Today segment is below, followed by a preview for the new reality series.

Susan has had one plastic surgery and three cosmetic procedures so far. She doesn't believe she has a problem, but her daughter Analise, who is just 13 years old, would beg to differ.

She is seen in a clip from the show crying and telling cameras that she doesn't want her mother to place so much importance on her looks.

Analise also fears that her mom will start acting differently once she gets too much plastic surgery, thus becoming an entirely new person.

“One of my greatest fears is that my mom is going to get so much plastic surgery… It's changing her on the outside, I'm afraid it’s going to change her on the inside,” she explains.

“You’re going to look different and [if you] look different, you act different,” the teenager tells her mother who, in return, can only think to say she'd expected her own daughter to be “a little more supportive.”

On The Today, the girl admits that her mother's preoccupation with her looks made her question her own worth, as reflected in her mom's eyes.

“I felt, like, a lot of pressure. I felt like I needed to be perfect for her because I want her to be proud of me,” she says.

It would seem that whatever counseling they got for the show worked, with Susan admitting that she never imagined her obsession with her looks would have such an impact on her daughter.

“I had such a negative opinion of the way I looked and placed so much importance on my appearance… that was not the message I wanted to send to my daughter,” she says.

Check out the two videos.

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