New Dinosaur Species Is Named After LOTR's Dark Lord Sauron

The massive bipedal predator lived 95 million years ago

Back in 2007, researchers exploring the southeastern regions of Morocco came across a part of the upper skull of a dinosaur.

After analyzing the fossil and carrying out various tests, the specialists concluded that they were dealing with a new species, previously unknown to science.

Apparently, these massive bipedal carnivores used to roam the earth about 95 million years ago.

Judging by the size and the thickness of the skull bone, researchers speculate that it might have been as big as the T.Rex.

Interestingly enough, the specialists who identified this new species have decided to name it after Sauron, the Dark Lord from Lord of the Rings. Thus, the species is now known as “Sauroniops pachytholus,” meaning “the eye of Sauron,” sources report.

“The idea of a predator that is physically known only as its fierce eye reminded me of Sauron, in particular as depicted in Peter Jackson's movies,” explained study leader Andrea Cau.

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