New Details on Why Usher Is Divorcing Tameka Foster

Sources say they have been separated for almost a year

Reports started coming in a couple of days ago that singer Usher was about to file divorce papers from wife of almost two years Tameka Foster. Yesterday, several sources confirmed that, indeed, the star had moved on with the legal proceedings in view of the separation. Now, sources are telling People magazine that the two had been living separately for many months even before Usher filed the papers.

Speculation about the state of the marriage had been making the rounds even long before confirmation of the divorce came. As it turns out, Usher and Tameka have not been husband and wife for many months, with sources saying that they have been separated for as much as an entire year. All this time, the singer has been focusing on his career and the making of his upcoming album, while Tameka chose to be the stay-at-home mom for the two children she has with Usher and the other three from a previous relationship.

“Usher, 30, and his wife of nearly two years, 38, have been leading separate lives for months, sources tell People. The singer has been away from home often recording his next record in Las Vegas, one source says. ‘He’s done his best to keep Tameka away,’ says the source. Another source told People that Tameka has been focusing on keeping her family happy.” the magazine writes.

If true, this report would come to confirm an earlier one, when TMZ was saying that Tameka did not even know Usher was planning to get a legal separation from her. According to the celebrity gossip website / paparazzi agency, when the star filed the papers, Tameka was not even aware that he had come to this decision, since she had not spoken to him in a very long time, presumably because he had been dodging her calls and doing his best to not have contact with her whatsoever.

“If Usher Raymond filed for divorce from his wife Tameka [Foster] Raymond – it’s news to her. Here’s what we know. Although there are rumors Usher has filed, we’re told by sources close to Tameka that she has yet to receive any papers. But our source also tells us Tameka hasn’t spoken to Usher ‘in a few days’ and has been trying to get a hold of him the entire time.” TMZ was saying the other day.

As of now, Usher’s rep has not yet made any comments regarding the ongoing talk of the divorce. A statement is believed to be issued any minute now, so make sure you keep an eye on this space for when it comes.

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