New “Dallas” Teaser Poster: No Shirts Required

Old meets new in just released image for TNT continuation

“Dallas” fans get ready: TNT has just kicked the promo campaign for its new series up a notch, with a teaser poster that is the perfect combination of old and new.

Click on the image above to see it in full.

The network has been working on the new series for quite some time, and things are finally looking up: a release date is set for summer.

Neither a reboot nor a remake, “Dallas” is a continuation, in that it presents events in the Ewing family after those presented in the now-classic show of many years ago.

This way, audiences will get to meet some members of the old cast, while also welcome new faces.

The tagline of the new poster, “They're back and no, you're not dreaming” is a playful nod to the eighth season of the '80s show, which turned out to be an extended dream sequence.

Then again, if you don't know this, you're probably too young.

Just for the fun of it, below is the extended trailer so you can get a fair idea of what the new (but old) “Dallas” is all about.

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