New DROID 2 Photos and Release Date Emerge

Android 2.2 Froyo to be on handset from day one

DROID 2 is the next Android-based mobile phone from Motorola that wireless carrier Verizon is set to make available on its network. Expected to be released as soon as next month, the handset would join two other Android phones Motorola launched at Big Red under the DROID franchise, namely the DROID and DROID X, and should boast a large touchscreen display, complemented by a sliding QWERTY keyboard.

Some of the previous rumors on the device suggested that it should be released on August 23, though newer reports say that the actual launch date for the handset has been moved to August 12, only about three weeks from now. Of course, the availability date is only rumored for the time being, but there are great chances that Verizon would indeed push it to shelves sooner than originally planned, especially since it has hard times with keeping up with demand for the recently launched DROID X.

In addition to the new release date, DROID 2 got some new pictures too, offering us the possibility to take a better look at the device, as well as to learn that it should arrive on shelves with Android 2.2 Froyo on board (leaked shots available via Phandroid confirm). The phone's 1 GHz processor goes along pretty well with the OS, a recent post on droid-life notes, while the MotoBlur solution should add even more flavor to the mix. The handset is also expected to pack a nice range of applications at launch, such as the Blockbuster app, mobile hotspot, widgets and more.

All in all, the DROID 2 is said to resemble a lot with the original DROID by Motorola, though users would certainly notice the design changes, as well as the performance enhancements the sequel includes. Not to mention that the Android 2.2 OS should be a welcomed change as well. August 12 is not that far into the future, and we can only hope that all these rumors on DROID 2 would pan out in the end.

On top of these details regarding the phone's launch date, operating system, performance capabilities and the like, comes another piece of news, this time regarding the availability of a special edition of DROID 2. According to Engadget, we're to expect for a Star Wars edition of DROID 2 to be brought into the wild on August 12, one that sports a white R2-D2 on the back. Keep an eye on this space to learn more on this.


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