New Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Randomizes Spawn Points

A new Server Report function has also been added to the game

By Andrei Dobra on January 10th, 2013 09:12 GMT

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has just received a brand new update on the PC platform via Steam, which changes all sorts of things, from randomizing spawn points every round to adding a special Server Report function.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive came out last year and has since entertained a lot of fans of the long-running franchise by delivering a great multiplayer shooter experience.

Since its initial release in August, Valve and developer Hidden Path Entertainment, have released a lot of patches for the game, particularly for the PC version on Steam.

Now, a brand new update has just been released on the digital distribution service, which fixes all sorts of glitches, while adding new options, like a Server Report one, and new mechanics, like one that randomizes the spawn points every round.

Check out the full list of changes included in the new patch for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive below, via Steam:

- Added Server Report panel. Player can use this panel to report server for things such as inappropriate content and bad performance etc.. This menu is accessible from the Pause Menu.
- Improved competitive matchmaking algorithm to further reduce wait times.
- Fixed 'rebuy previous' not working after the first round of rebuying.
- Spawn points are now randomized every round.
- Whitelisted con_filter convars for debugging.
- Fixed damage taken and given not being fully reset in modes that aren't round-based.
- Changing mp_warmuptime takes effect immediately.
- Added concommands mp_warmup_start and mp_warmup_end, which restart and early terminate warmup, respectively.
- Fixed exploit where cl_interp restrictions could be bypassed.
- Alias command no longer allows aliasing over existing convars and concommands.
- Fixed rare case of maps not matching requested game mode on dedicated servers
- The client-side headshot feedback sound no longer plays for the local client when damaging another player in the head with a grenade explosion or when shooting them in the head through another surface (penetration)
- Slightly reduced the client-side headshot feedback sound volume
- Fixed nameplate flicker in free cam mode during demo playback.
- Fixed wall penetration on Linux dedicated servers
- Fixed exploit where grenade projectiles were used to boost teammates.
- Fixed a very rare server crash when firing a weapon.
- Improved the error message shown when finding a game fails to locate an acceptable dedicated game server formerly reported as DS.
- Improved memory management on servers with GOTV enabled.
- Changed holiday cheer level to match CS1.6.

The new update is already live, so start up your Steam client to download it.
Global Offensive has been patched
   Global Offensive has been patched