"New Cool Stuff" on Xbox Live

Xbox Live and Xbox.com downtime

75 years after Al Capone was convicted of tax evasion and exactly 27 years after Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, Xbox Live and Xbox.com will experience some downtime.

According to Xbox representatives, the Xbox services will be shut down for maintenance on October 17. This maintenance period will last up to 24 hours so that means that you will not be able to access Xbox services for a whole day.

Xbox representatives mentioned that during the downtime, some "new cool stuff" will be added but they did not reveal exactly what this "new cool stuff" will be. All of you will have to wait until October 18 to know. They also mentioned that other stuff will be discussed later in the fall.

The Xbox representatives were very specific that the "new cool stuff" will not be the Dashboard update as many of you already thought. They also explained what messages you will receive upon connecting to the Xbox services during downtime. As you hit Xbox.com, you will receive a "Server Not Available" message and if you try to connect to Xbox live, you'll get the "can't connect" message. All are asked to stay calm because nothing is wrong with the hardware or accounts, it's Xbox's fault.

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