New Chair Doubles as Satellite Dish

You might not want to spend too much time sitting on it though

Of all things, combining the concepts of a chair and a satellite dish would not have occurred to us, but SatPlus went ahead and made just this sort of, well, chair.

Contrary to what some may think, this wasn't purely for the sake of audacity.

While some may not be aware, there are certain apartment buildings, in Europe especially, where hanging satellite dishes on a balcony is not allowed.

The SatPlus Sat Chair is the sort of satellite dish that should bypass this rule, as well as fool bystanders, because it basically isn't a dish.

Instead, it is a chair that works just like a 60cm dish as long as it is placed on a balcony.

It might work indoors too, but signal woes should be expected in that case, since walls are a lot more opaque than rain clouds.

With a weight of 5 kilos, the satellite chair has a price of 242 Euro ($323).

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