New Cat Breed Looks like Sheep

The Selkirk Rex is the result of a genetic mutation that occurred 25 years ago

The latest issue of the Journal of Heredity witnessed the publication of a new study arguing that the sheep-like cats now owned by a handful of people form an entirely new breed.

Apparently, such curly-haired pet felines have been around for quite a while, but up until now only three distinct breeds have been documented.

According to Serina Filler, one of the leading researchers from this study, this particular breed of curly cats is the direct result of a spontaneous genetic mutation that occurred in a single cat roughly a quarter of a century ago.

Thanks to previous crosses with other breeds of cats, “The present level of diversity within the Selkirk Rex would seem to be sufficient for us to consider limiting the number of other breeds to which the cats may be crossed,” Serina Filler explains.

Furthermore, “This would help it to develop a unique head and body shape and made it even more distinct.”

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