New Camcorder from Panasonic Supports 10-Bit HD Video

Based on the AG-AF105A MFT pro, it can stream, live, to external recorders

These days, cameras and camcorders shoot photos and record their own video, storing them on whatever integrated memory chip or card is present. Panasonic has released a product that, being more specialized, does not do that.

The AG-AF105, based on the AG-AF105A pro camcorder, will be ready to ship on November 15, 2012, in Japan. The price will depend on how good dealers are at negotiations.

The most important thing about the newcomer is that 10-bit HD video can be shot, though it will take an external recorder with connection to the live view SDI port to record the footage.

Basically, the Panasonic AG-AF105 can produce video with up to 1 billion hues and 1024 shades of gray. In other words, very deep colors.

No word yet on international availability, and we hope Panasonic won't just sell the product at home and nowhere else.

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