New Camcorder Launched by Samsung, Has 52X Zoom

This is a handheld gadget that can record 720p video

The HMX-F90 might just have what it takes to make people sigh in disappointment over it not being available everywhere.

Currently, it can only be found on the German market, or it will be soon enough. We imagine stores haven't yet received it if the price is still unknown.

Equipped with a 5MP CMOS sensor, it has 52x optical zoom and 70x Intelli zoom support.

That means it can record video in resolution of up to 720p at 30fps while changing the focus and distance as much as users want. The preview is shown on a 2.7-inch LCD.

Overall, this is a fairly simple camcorder, one that most people should be able to afford as a Christmas gift to themselves or others. Professionals should look for something larger though, preferably capable of Full HD recording and such.

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