New Breed of Pet Shrimps Gets Revealed in Taiwan - Video

These ornamental shrimps have a blue glow and white patterns on their body

When hearing the word “shrimp,” most people jump at the conclusion that the conversation they have happened to overhear revolved around food.

However, it seems that some people keep shrimps as pets and are willing to pay considerable amounts of money in order to get one that is a tad more “ornamental” than its run-off-the-mill fellows.

This past Monday, a news conference in Taiwan witnessed the unveiling of a new breed of pet shrimps, known as the Blue Bolt.

The people who helped grow these new ornamental shrimps explain that what sets them apart from all other shrimps is their blue glow and the white patterns on their body.

“We cross-bred the black kincong shrimp and white shrimps, and slowly the color transformed. At the beginning it was light blue, then it became darker, and then the patterns on the body started to show, such as the ball shape, no entry sign and the flower head,” Tsai Yi-fang from the Yucres Center Breeder explained.

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