New Audio Player from Samsung Has a 1-Inch Display and 20-Hour Battery Life

The gadget will keep people company while jogging and taking a stroll

With all the hubbub caused by lawsuits and the display division, it is more than possible to forget that Samsung actually makes many more sorts of products than PCs, monitors and TVs.

It does though. In fact, it will soon release a new audio player, though only on its home market (South Korea).

Called YP-U7, it has 4 GB of built-in NAND Flash storage and MP3/WMA/Ogg/FLAC support, plus a battery that can last for 20 hours on a single charge.

The energy lasts so long even though it needs to sustain a 1-inch color display (128 x 64 pixels) in addition to the FM radio and the SoundAlive technology.

Sadly, no price has been revealed so far, though a product page is available for the perusal of everyone, provided they know the language or don't mind Google Translate.

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