New Atom E3800 Embedded CPUs from Intel Debut

The newcomers are low-power SoCs with 10W TDP or less

Intel has released low-power CPUs before, but embedded processors are on a different level, since they are, after all, called SoCs (system-on-chip devices), warranting a much lower TDP. The New Atom E3800 chips illustrate that.

The new family of embedded processors that Intel has released this week is called Atom E3800 and is made of five units, none of which go over 10W TDP.

The strongest is the quad-core, 1.91 GHz Atom E3845, with 2 MB cache, 542 MHz / 792 MHz GPU and DDR3L-1333 memory.

In the middle, there are the dual-core Atom E3825, Atom E3826 and Atom E3827, with 1 MB cache, and CPU clocks of 1.33 GHz, 1.46 GHz and 1.75 GHz, respectively. In that same order, the memory support is DDR3L-1066/1066/1333, and the HD graphics work at 533 MHz / 533 – 667 MHz / 542 – 792 MHz. The TDPs are 6, 7 and 8 Watts.

Finally, there is the single-core Atom E3815, with 512 KB cache, 400 MHz graphics, DDR3L-1066 memory and 5W TDP.

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