New Android Market Stats Out, Over 200k Apps Available

Google's Android operating system already attracted a lot of developers on its side, which came up with applications in excess of 200,000, the latest stats on the Android Market show.

Apple's App Store for the iPhone, iPod and iPad might still be on the first position, with over 300k application available for download for its users, but the Android Market is still going up, and it even seems to be accelerating.

Android Market tracker is currently showing a total number of over 200,000 application and games available for download via the software portal.

Even more interesting would be the fact that the number of downloads in the storefront is growing pretty fast too, with over 103 downloads per second on average at the moment.

At the same time, the tracker shows that the app store managed to pass the 2.5 billion downloaded applications mark, a number pretty impressive too, especially when taking into consideration the fact that the Android Market was launched only two years ago.

However, none of the above figures was confirmed officially by Google, and the actual numbers might be a little different than what shows, something that has happened before.

One way or the other, the Android Market's numbers are going up, and that would certainly prove beneficial for the growth of Android as a platform.

According to some of the latest estimates, the operating system would be able to take the first position on the mobile market by 2014.

Since the competition on the smartphone OS area has increased significantly lately, Google's platform would certainly need all the help it can get to reach that goal, and more apps means more chances to succeed.

Until official word on the number of applications and downloads in the Android Market is released, you can have a look at the latest stats available on here.

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