New Android Market (3.1.3) Now Available

A new Android Market is now available for download, namely Android Market 3.1.3, with a nice range of enhancements included into the mix, such as +1 functionality or the use of a custom PIN for purchases on the phone.

The new +1 functionality has been available for those who used the web Android Market for quite some time now, but it made it to the application portal on devices only now.

When accessing the new Android Market on their mobile phones, users will be able to enjoy not only this new feature, but a series of other improvements as well, starting with a new settings menu.

Moreover, the new version of the application portal brings along click-to-read explanations of app permissions, which, apparently, are not developer customizable.

Among the other changes that the new Android Market (sporting version 3.1.3) bring along, we can count a brand-new Market icon, which is clearly visible in the Settings menu.

As stated above, the new version of the application brings along the ability to use a custom PIN for purchases on the mobile phone.

Basically, this means that users should enjoy increased security than when using Google's Checkout service, especially when the device gets lost or stolen.

Enthusiasts will certainly enjoy the new release of the Android Market, especially since it brings along all of these new and appealing features in what seems to be only a small update for Android phones.

However, we should note that the Android Market v3.1.3 was not made available for download in an official manner as of now.

It can already be found put up for download via various websites, but those who would like to give it a try will need to enable the installation of applications from 'Unknown Sources' through going to Settings-> Applications menu on their handsets.

No root is required for installing the new Android Market 3.1.3, but those who would rather install it from an official source can wait for Google to make an official announcement on it.


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