New Active Directory Rights Management Services Content Available

Courtesy of Microsoft

Developers and administrators dealing with Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS) now have available a range of new content designed to streamline their work. Starting in mid-June 2009, Tony Trivison, Microsoft programming writer, has provided constant updates on new materials made available by the Redmond company focused on Active Directory Rights Management Services. The latest technical reference published on TechNet on July 7, 2009, involves guidelines set up to simplify the process of planning, deployment and configuration of AD RMS in an IT environment.

“The AD RMS team has recently published new content that details requirements and prerequisites for your AD RMS environment. They are the following: AD RMS Prerequisites – Provides requirements and recommendations for setting up and configuring AD RMS in your environment. It includes information about certificates, DNS, hardware requirements, software requirements, and other topics. AD RMS SQL Server Requirements – Provides a brief overview of the SQL Server databases used by AD RMS, hardware requirements for the database server, and software requirements for the database server. AD RMS Firewall Considerations – Details how to configure your firewall for use with AD RMS,” Trivison stated.

But of course, there's more. Developers looking to put together IRM-aware applications can download the Information Rights Management Application Patterns White Paper, authored by Bhushan Nene and Trent Swanson, architects on our Global Partner team. The resource can be leveraged in order to get an insight on the architecture and design for IRM-aware apps built with Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS).

Also in June 2009, Trivison indicated that Microsoft had made available the following documentation: AD RMS Client Deployment and Usage Considerations; AD RMS Performance and Logging Best Practices; AD RMS and Active Directory Objects. Just like the first three examples, these materials can be accessed via TechNet, the Redmond company's portal tailored to IT professionals.

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