New AMD Vishera 8-Core CPU Overclocking Record, 8.37 GHz

An MSI motherboard was involved and enabled a Unigine Heaven DX11 record as well

Overclocker T0LSTY from Ukraine has recently managed to overclock the AMD FX-8350 CPU to 8.37 GHz, which is more than the previous record of 8.17 GHz. In so doing, a new record has been set.

We could say this feat is the greatest achieved by the new, top-tier 8-core processor from Advanced Micro Devices. We won't though.

While the speed attained is, indeed, the highest, it was done on an 8-core central processing unit that only had two cores enabled. The previous record was achieved with all eight cores working at 8.176 GHz.

Still, a record is a record. The MSI 990FXA-GD80 motherboard was employed in the test, along with an MSI R7970 Lightning graphics card.

Coincidentally, this also allowed for the highest ever score in Unigine Heaven DX11 single card benchmark: 18103 points. This is the first time the 18,000 Marks barrier was broken.


New Vishera overclocking record validation (3 Images)

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