New AMD Never Settle Game Bundle Arrives

It contains Battlefield 4 and other high-profile game titles

The Never Settle program from Advanced Micro Devices has to be one of AMD's best masterstrokes yet, even if it does kind of take away from potential revenue.

Shipping so many games for free isn't about to bring as much wealth to game makers as buying them separately after all.

Still, AMD somehow got game makers to agree, leading to us setting aside a small section of our site just for it. Find it here.

Anyway, apparently AMD will initiate the latest Never Settle episode this month (August 2013). At least that's what AMD’s VP of channel sales Roy Taylor told VR-Zone recently.

The AMD Never Settle Forever bundle will ship for free with Radeon HD 7000 cards and will include some or all of the following: Splinter Cell: Blacklist, either Lost Planet 3 or Raven’s Cry (both will launch in October), Grid 2, and Company of Heroes 2.

We can be reasonably sure that the Volcanic Islands graphics line (Radeon HD 9000) will get a Never Settle bundle too, with Watch Dogs, Battlefield 4, and Total War: Rome 2. AMD could even include pre-release codes for Battlefield 4 if the cards precede it.

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