New 80Plus Bronze Certified PSUs to Be Released by Gigabyte

The power supplies will complement the ODIN family and will come in 500W, 600W and 700W

The ODIN Plus series of power supplies from Gigabyte will come as an addition to the already large line of ODIN products, a line that includes the ODIN GT series and ODIN Pro PSUs. The upcoming releases will feature reliable, environmentally friendly and certified 80Plus Bronze power supplies, three in number, namely the Odin Plus 500W, the Odin Plus 600W and the Odin Plus 700W.

Capable of supporting PCI-E 2.0, the power units have 6+2Pin connectors compatible with all types of Graphics adapters and all of the secondary side capacitors are Japan-made solid capacitors that have an increased lifespan. The design will feature three 12V rails for the 500W and 600W, whereas the 700W will have four rails, allowing for a higher power output.

The products comply with Intel's +12V 2.3 regulations, as well as with the RoHS & WEEE regulations, making them environmentally friendly. The units are kept cool by transparent, 12cm, silent fans that have blue LEDs and auto fan speed control. The good air convection is assured by sleeved cables and each product comes with built-in protection against over-voltage, over-current, under-voltage and short-circuits.

The ODIN Plus 500W, 600W and 700W each have one 24-pin motherboard connector, one 4+4-pin +12V CPU connector and one 4-pin Floppy connector. Additional power plugs include two (6+2)-pin PCI-E 2.0 connectors, four 4-pin peripheral connectors (three for the 500W) and six SATA connectors (four for the 500W).

These three universal Power Supplies are expected to become available soon and the prices are believed to range between 110 and 140 Euro.

Gigabyte received much recognition since its inception in 1986, such as having 100% of its entries qualified for the Taiwan Excellence Award in 11 continuous years of entry. Statistically, one out of every ten PCs worldwide uses a Gigabyte motherboard and, besides motherboards and graphics accelerators, the company also produces notebook and desktop PCs, digital home appliances, networking servers, communications as well as mobile and handheld devices.

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