New 27-Inch Smart TV Released by LG

Made for those who don't have an entire wall to sacrifice

After all the 84-inch and larger displays released over the past few months, with or without 4K resolution support, seeing LG releasing a normal-sized Smart TV is actually quite refreshing, all things considered.

Indeed, LG has formally launched a new 27-inch Smart TV going by the name of MT93 IPS Personal Smart TV.

The television set has a very thin bezel, so as to be unobtrusive, and a silver stand that looks like a crooked ring of sorts.

Beyond the normal display specifications, the newcomer has three USB ports, LAN, WiDi, and Miracast.

“LG designed its Personal Smart TV lineup to meet the growing demand for compact, multipurpose devices suitable for bedrooms, studio apartments and dormitories,” said LG’s Senior Vice President and Head of the IT Business Unit Il-geun Kwon.

“The MT93 is the best in its class and its thin bezel design belies a well-rounded set of features that consumers have come to expect from LG’s large screen Smart TVs.”

LG's MT93 IPS Personal Smart TV has two HDMI inputs, allowing it to have a media player or set-top box connected to it at the same time as a PC, or any other video streaming source.

This allows for easy switching between the roles of monitor and television set, or for more than one media player to be linked to it.

The native resolution is of 1920 x 1080 pixels, and there is even 3D support, plus a pair of 7 watt speakers (with 3D Sound Zooming), and a response time of 5ms.

2D to 3D Conversion, Magic Remote and USB Quick View are part of the feature set as well. Sales will begin later this month in Europe (March 2013), but the price is not known at this time.

“The MT93 LG IPS Personal Smart TV is a brilliant personal smart entertainment centerpiece, ideally suited for individual spaces,” said Il-geun Kwon.

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