Neverwinter MMO Reveals Three Founder’s Packages, Beta Periods

Gamers can get extra items, companions and unique races

The development team at Cryptic is revealing the three founders packs that fans of the universe can buy before Neverwinter launches and the three beta periods that will allow the community to play the game before it is actually out.

The normal Neverwinter’s Founder Pack will cost 10 dollars or Euro and players will get five times the value from it, including:

- Adventurer’s Helper Pack with more in-game items;

- an Amulet of Protection;

- a Small Bag of Holding with 12 extra inventory slots.

The Guardians of Neverwinter Pack costs 60 dollars or Euro and is valued at double the amount, giving buyers access to:

- head start access to the Neverwinter open beta for three days;

- unique Gold Moonstone Mask Regalia;

- an unique Armored Horse mount

- a Direwolf Companion;

- Founder title to use in the game and on the forums.

The most expensive and biggest option is labeled Hero of the North and includes:

- early access to the Neverwinter open beta for five days;

- in invitation to send to the friend for the open beta;

- access to the Menzoberranzan Renegade race, a variation of the Drow that’s similar to the legendary Dungeons & Dragons Drizzt Do’Urden, with its own unique tattoo and abilities;

- an unique Armored Spider mount;

- unique Panther Companion;

- Founder title;

- VIP access to Neverwinter in order to skip lines and log-in ahead of other players.

The first beta weekend will take place from February 8 to 10 and will include those who picked up the two pricier packs, according to the Cryptic team.

The second one will run from March 8 to March 10 and will be open to the previous set of players and those who have pre-ordered Torchlight 2 and have bought the Elite pack for RaiderZ.

The final beta period runs from March 22 to 24.

Neverwinter is an MMO based around the city with the same name and will be launched on the PC later during 2013.

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