Network Monitor 3.4 Beta Available for Download

On Microsoft Connect

Microsoft has started to send invitations to the Beta program for Network Monitor 3.4 to testers that have participated in past testing efforts for previous releases of NetMon. The Network Monitor 3.4 Beta is now live on Microsoft Connect, and available for download. Customers need to sign in with a valid Windows Live ID and join the Beta program. The Redmond-based company is already allowing access to the Beta bits, and offering a changelog with the modifications planned for the next version of NetMon.

“We've made many UI improvements and improved the Parser experience with profiles which will save you time. Plus, we now provide a solution for higher capturing performance which will help you capture traffic on busy servers. We are excited to get some mileage on the new version and appreciate your help to make sure we continue to deliver a solid product. So please visit the Network Monitor 3 connection for a complete list of new features and download the Network Monitor 3.4 Beta Today!” reads the message sent to testers.

Customers that have been leveraging NetMon so far already know that it has been more than a year since the previous release from Microsoft. Network Monitor 3.3 was offered for download in the second half of April 2009, and at that time, it introduced support for the pre-release version of Windows 7. Of course, the Beta Network Monitor 3.4 is designed for testers to provide the Redmond-based company with feedback in terms of the evolution to version 3.4.

Beta testers will notice immediately that Network Monitor 3.4 Beta sports a User Interface refresh. Additional changes impact Parser Configuration Management, Column Management, Color Rules, Window Layout Dropdown, "Live" Experts, and fonts. The evolution of NetMon to version 3.4 is also synonymous with improvements related to High Performance Filtering, UTC Timestamps, high-precision timestamps, 802.11n & Raw IP Frame support, and Process Tracking in NMCap.

Network Monitor 3.3 is available for download here.

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