Netgear Updates PTV3000 Adapter with Miracast Support

Now you can project your phone's display on your TV whenever you want

Netgear's Push2TV PTV3000 is a set-top box that owners of HDTVs might have bought, or considered buying, as a means to bring TV broadcasts to their living rooms.

Netgear has now updated the adapter with support for Miracast.

For those who do not know, Miracast is an open standard, developed by the the Wi-Fi Alliance, which performs peer-to-peer wireless screencast.

In layman terms, that means that the display on a smartphone can be transmitted on the TV, like a reverse version of the Remote Assistance service in Windows.

Various Samsung Galaxy devices (smartphones and tablets alike) as well as LG electronics items and Sony Xperia products support Miracast.

And with WiDi support being added as well, the Netgear PTV3000 can be called a well-rounded piece of multimedia equipment.

A single interface will be used for Intel WiDi and Miracast, complete with PIN and PBC support. The 5 GHz band will ensure fast transfers.

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