Netflix Now Offering a DVD-Only Plan

Enabling subscribers to ditch streaming altogether

Netflix is backing down once again and is re-introducing a DVD-only subscription service. Until now, the only way to get DVDs was to also subscribe to the standard streaming option. Now, those uninterested in the streaming option can simply subscribe to the DVD-only option and be done with it.

While it is a step back for Netflix, it's also a step forward, as the company is looking to separate streaming from DVD rentals as soon as possible.

Netflix was having a pretty smooth and pretty sweet ride up until last summer when it decided to jack up prices and charge more for DVD rentals. The idea was to push people more towards streaming and away from DVDs. But it sure didn't work out that way.

The 60 percent price increase annoyed a lot of people, but Netflix wasn't done, it also announced plans to separate the DVD business entirely into a new company. This meant that people that wanted both streaming and DVDs had to deal with two subscriptions, two companies, two queues and so on.

The idea was received so badly that Netflix dropped the whole thing and announced that it would continue as it is.

However, it still needs to wind down its DVD rental business as it will eventually die off. Netflix wants to distance itself from DVDs so a DVD-only plan actually makes sense. This way, when Netflix will spin-off the DVD business, as it is bound to do, it will be easier. In the meantime, DVD-lovers can get all the DVDs they can watch for $7.99, €6.12 a month.

"Starting today, our DVD and Blu-Ray loving audience can now easily sign up for a DVD only plan. Starting at just $7.99/month, you can enjoy around 100,000 titles on DVD," Netflix revealed. "We are also offering a 1 month free trial for eligible customers."

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