Netflix Available for Windows 7

Through Windows Media Center

As of November 2nd, 2009, Netflix content began being available to Windows 7 users through Windows Media Center. Having launched its latest Windows client on October 22nd, Microsoft kicked up a notch Windows Media Center in select editions of the operating system, by providing users with additional content. Customers running Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate, namely the editions featuring Windows Media Center, will be able to enjoy Internet TV and Netflix.

However, while Internet TV is offered for free to Windows 7 users of Windows Media Center capable SKUs in the US and UK, Netflix is available exclusively to people running the platform in the United States. Microsoft has revealed no plans to internationalize Netflix content yet. Nonetheless, the Redmond company is itself dependent on the materials served by Netflix.

“Right from Windows Media Center, you can access your Instant Queue to play movies and TV shows and browse the Netflix library and add movies or TV shows to your Instant Queue or Instant Queue. Netflix in Windows Media Center is only available in the U.S. today as Netflix On-Demand (“Instant Watch”) videos are available only in the U.S. Fire Windows Media Center in Windows 7 up today and give both Internet TV and Netflix a spin,” stated Brandon LeBlanc, Windows Communications manager on the Windows Client Communications Team.

In order to be able to watch Netflix movies and TV shows in Windows Media Center, users will need a membership to the service. Netflix is offering a free trial of two weeks to customers interested in seeing what it’s all about.

“With a Netflix subscription, Netflix on Windows Media Center provides the following features: Watch Netflix content instantly; Manage both instant and DVD queues; Search the complete Netflix library; Filter searches by titles that are available to watch instantly; Browse by using a remote control,” Microsoft noted.

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