Nescafé Builds “Portal of Awareness” in Mexico City

This urban installation is made of 1,497 metal coffee mugs fitted on reinforcing bars

Mexico City is now home to a so-called Portal of Awareness, which is basically an urban installation made up of 1,497 metal coffee cups fitted on reinforcing bars.

Inhabitat reports that Nescafé (i.e. the company responsible for this project) wished to make a case of how most of the items that cross our path on a daily basis could be used to make art.

More precisely, one's run-off-the-mill coffee mug can be given an entirely new purpose if one goes through the trouble of sparing five minutes to pay closer attention to it.

Interestingly enough, vines have also been planted at the base of this peculiar-looking urban installation, and Nescafé hopes that, once they start growing and take over the structure, the portal will be all the more mysterious and pleasant to look at.

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